Which is harder, facing the truth or knowing that there are truths you can never know? Why?

  1. The hardest thing, in the end, is believing the false teaching that there are Truths that we cannot ever know; impossible because we have so many lives in stardust bodies for us to at least start learning.

We are both within the universe and infused with it, so we have access to a lot of Cosmic Truths, but we are taught that we should reject that; so that other, Fear-driven people can control us so they ‘feel’ safer from retribution for what they did to get and are doing to keep, their power and vast riches. One Top-Down books of mine, using the name God for a no-limitations version that was originally written about that Divine essence, is:
“You Are In God; God Is In You”
and it is paired with a Bottom Up version entitled
“Alone?: No Once Can Be Separated From God”

This universe is essentially ‘Pure Information’ rather than Energy/matter, and our eternal souls/spirits are also pure information, so our connection is very close indeed!

Actually, it is likely that there are no actual matter particles in this universe, just special versions of Energy which look like what we think matter should ‘look like’.

We humans are eternal, spiritual beings who have a string of bodies made of stardust, and our human minds continuously interact with the Cosmic Mind which was even before the Big Bang started. We are so fully connected that many with power and vast riches spend fortunes to ensure we never figure out who we really are.

Once you come to believe who you really are, you become uncontrollable, and that scares the Fear-based ones who need to control us to feel safer crazy.

My author page on Amazon, writing as a guided writer Jesuis Laplume, is: You can get a copy thought this Link:


This is a question that concerns personality. In other words: how a person perceives and takes in both possible changes and limitations.

As for me I find neither hard at all. The first is not hard because the opinions of others in regard to oneself are always dependent on who – they are. The sort of persons they are and therefor how they will perceive you and the feelings you awoke in them. The real truth about any person is not in the eyes of the beholders – but in the acts that define that person. And if and when acts are wrong and hurt others or create something bad for others, the world or future generations – then, when a person is told that it is a gift. Nothing hard. But a gift to enable this person to change and become a better person. So this gift is an opportunity and a challenge for your own being and person.

The second is implicit in all we know, do and are able to understand in regard to life and Being. Therefor it is also the “motor” for humble persons to stretch these limits a bit and speculate, propose and assume in regard to these “horizons” something novel. That is not hard either. But rather a possibility and a challenge and an endless source of investigation and “building”.

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