What are the good things that you have considered in dealing with the accepted ethical behavior and the danger that we may encounter?

Well, we’re constantly under threat of dangers because of ethics. Ethics are rules or laws, either as religious or social statues. There are many good ethics that provide help and protection in many ways. Equally there are many things that just justify things for some few. You need to think about who created these ethics and what they really serve. So let’s think about some examples to clarify some thinking.

Food, is something very essential for humans, to live and to be healthy. So, we are many humans on this world. The food industry today produces a lot of food with preservatives, chemicals and so on. These chemicals are often very poisonous for humans. They don’t kill you instantly but they kill or make you sick over a long period of time. The different governments of the world give approvals on what’s allowed and not allowed to add into food through their respective FDAs (Food and Drugs Administration). I think you would be shocked by what they allow. I personally know someone in a country, who works with these things and I know certain things. So here’s a clear danger for humans, but the information isn’t released.

So why is this? This again deals with 2 powerful things on this planet. It’s about money and power. It serves certain people while other suffer with time. It’s great to make food tasty, that sells more because when people create a desire for something, they want more. But desire controls people more than logic thinking.

Other things are pollution issues. There’s plenty of pollution out there that’s allowed by “law”. Logically, they can be very dangerous both to humans and nature, but it again deals with money and power.

If humanity tried to serve a positive evolution which would include a healthier, safer and more united life on our planet, things would look a little different than they do today. Politics would be real servants to humanity and not ruling for their own purpose. The same would be for industry, who would seek solutions for a healthy and safe life rather than for profit and control. Money wouldn’t have the value nor would it have the power it has over people in today’s world. The objectives would be different.

There are many more things on our planet that runs the same way. All kinds of industry, cars are two of the major polluters of this world. AI is another threat because it takes over the work from humans. Who will pay for the ones without work? Not everyone could be a computer specialist. Many humans become superfluous and what do you think the effect would be? It all sounds wonderful with an automated world and how easy things will run, but think about the effects that come with it and who is behind it. You may or may not like the answers. I leave this for your opinion.

Money has become like air for most people. It’s like a super drug. Most people tend to forget that the few super rich don’t need money. They have so much that they could live a thousand lifetimes without working. So, ask yourself, if you had so much money what would be your next step?

Well, it’s easy to see what these “super rich” people do. They control a good part of Earth’s industry, the politicians and so on. It’s clear that they want control. Control ensures their continued survival as well as their agendas.

So, here you see how people have given away their power to few individuals who set the norms and living for the majority. This is then “ethically” protected and people accept without questioning. We are programmed into this system. The dangers are clear and present. A nuclear or biological war can be devastating but it will be started by just a few. Look at the COVID crisis. Just a good example and then laws are passed out with restrictions which ruin a lot of people’s lives. It’s been very controversial since there’s no real evidence more than what media writes. Remember, that media is owned by the very rich. Fear is used as a tool in this case to make people obey. It sounds “good” but ask yourself if it really is good. The consequences will be seen in some time from now, so keep your ears open!

The next step is the vaccine that will come and they may enforce people to be injected. I suggest you do some of your own research on vaccines to see what they really contain. Present trials have already made a bunch of people sick as well as killing some. And it’s all “ethical”. Do you understand how many billions that are going to be made from this?

So, above I just wanted to show you how ethics can be made to look good and still have another agenda which presents danger rather than positive evolution.

I hope this will serve as food for thought! Not everything is as it seems!

With love and for a positive future,

If a choice makes a man successful, still many people are unable to make choices on their own. Why?

The question starts within you. Are you trying to satisfy your inner true self or are you trying to satisfy your ego? So, those are 2 important things to ponder for each individual. We’re going to get into them in more detail below. Now, one needs to be clear with what “successful” means. For most, it means a materially good life with money, being acknowledged and a good future. For others, it may mean “inner success” in form of satisfying oneself or to reach an inner spiritual goal or understanding. So another one to identify within you.

So, many seek fame and fortune. Some find solutions and some don’t. We call the people “smart and intelligent” when they succeed with their things. Many times, the people who manage to reach this kind of goal is because they used their own creativity and intelligence. They simply believed in what they did and didn’t give up their idea and goals. So, to create within and to use your own intelligence is the basic key. The next step is to actualize this in practical life. This takes courage because you will find resistance in many ways. I.e. People, money, laws. You may be ridiculed. Even your own family may attack you. A good thought in this, is to create an idea that serves other people well. This will get a better response from the world around you. So, this is for those who wish to gain something materially on planet Earth like a business as an example. There are always solutions to problems. You may hold yourself back because of ethics, morals, religious restrictions or money problems. That’s for you to judge. In truth there’s nothing to hold you back. A good idea can receive investors if money is a problem. Just present it as clear and factual as possible. So, these are thoughts for you who seek material rewards in life.

The people who seek inner richness may require another type of thinking. The material world and richness is of NO importance to them. They simply wish to know the truth about themselves. They again will use their creativity and intelligence from within, to find answers. Their rewards are freedom and happiness within. They can reach a state where the ego dissolves and things become ONE. This is a richness from within which we don’t lose when we die. It’s your evolutionary path in an infinite life. All people have this but it will ONLY appear when you’re ready. It’s a path which comes clear from your heart and not the easiest to walk because your material life MAY suffer and you will be attacked and ridiculed by many. It requires very strong dedication. India has had some few people who went on this path but also other countries. This is more about an individual than about nations. It’s another form of success from within.

So, why are there people who don’t manage this? Reason is that they don’t “hear” their inner self. We are brought up with intellectual thinking today, morals, ethics, laws, religion, education, politics, cultural values, society rules. So, when something comes in your mind, you instantly start to think “rationally” and about all the problems that will come. So, money and food can be big ones but then things like acceptance from others and the fear and doubt will suddenly become a battle within you. Your rational mind will tell you to abandon the idea you have. So, there’s inner confusion that stops you from acting. There are many good thoughts and ideas out there but they mostly remain dreams because of fear and doubt. One needs to seek a state of balance within to be clear on what to do. Fear and doubt needs to be overcome. Work constructively with your OWN INTELLIGENCE AND CREATIVITY to reach that which you seek.

Some more important thoughts: If you search for your own ego and service-to-self you may see that it can be destructive and energy draining in the end. An example: A man constructs a weapon. The weapon is handsomely welcomed by a government and industry. The purpose of the weapon is to kill with. So, you may become rich and famous for what you did but what kind of service did you provide for humanity?

If you follow the inner heart, it will provide you with ideas, energy, the solutions and it will help you to your goal regardless of what the outer world tries to do to you. I know this by experience because I did it. You may have to leave a lot like family, friends, jobs etc to achieve what your inner heart wants you to do. This can be a big battle within. I have learned to trust my heart. Buddha (Guatama) left his father’s kingdom for his heart path. That’s just one example of many. You should follow what’s inside of you. Just be patient and DON’T GIVE UP. You carry the answers WITHIN YOU.

I hope this will help some to find YOUR path to the happiness you seek here in this life.

With my best wishes for success and all my love,

How can we understand the infinite when the majority of us look to the facts of the finite to give us what we consider to be reasonable facts?

  1. We tend to look to the easily relatable somewhat logical and made finitely useful concepts and not to delimit infinity into actually possible infinity/s – infinities that can be dealt with as they may actually be what we mean by such a thing in reality. Infinity is potentially applicable concept in reality until known bounds in reality limit that or something else is shown to possibly be the case.

Apparently the universe is possibly infinite in its bounds. The abstract concept infinity as a number itself is useful in mathematics in expressions that represent a value as it approaches infinity so that we can use Calculus as a tool – we have the language and basis in principles to manipulate numbers thus. Numbers of many numbers types can go on infinitely. Theoretically they can get smaller to infinity. But can that happen practically for particles as the smallest unit possible between them is given as Planck lengths – in units so small that nothing smaller can even theoretically be measured. We experience most things in reality as well in sets with a finite number of elements.

God is said to be infinite in nature – timeless even – as he has no beginning or end. Time on the other hand is not infinite and in and of itself does not really exist. So God and the universe are what we might expect could be infinite in and of themselves except for how infinity is used in mathematics -theoretically with associated practical limits. What about alternate universes in quantum physics? And infinite variations of possible selves as interpretations of possible nature of reality – this is much more conjecture.

What s bigger God or the infinite universe – unless both are one as in Hindi religion. Problem is even their conception of time in giant cycles is eventually finite as it relates to even their understanding of things so the finite explains the ultimately infinite.

Pi is infinite but the actually used value is set to just so many places of decimal as doing that makes the value useful. Is it useful to understand how having a definitive notion of GOD interferes with his actual nature in reality or our understanding thereof? Some religions limit what can be said of God for this reason. We can work with infinity as a theoretical value used in numeric tool or as a descriptive conceptual value approximating possible reality – multiple cycles or copies or repetitions or divisions or operations or potentially limitless states of being – to a capture point with expressible bounds. Infinite becomes just really great and that ends that. The need to express the infinite in workable fashions or methodologies exists. Art mimics infinity in seemingly unending perspective drawings or paintings. Math even allows work in infinite numerical dimensions but reality has a finite number of spatial dimensions. Both sets of facts on dimensions are used to understand the real. Art speaks to the made possible by illusionary means in reality as infinity. Most people desire not to know too much of either as their lives depend more on set values and are more often limited to their usual sets of things, people places and events.


First it is necessary to understand the nature of infinity. The human mind has a difficult time in fathoming just how big infinity is. That sometimes makes it difficult to properly analyze a problem or discuss ideas related to infinite nature.

The logic goes like this:

Suppose you have 10 boxes numbered 1 thru 10 lined up. In the next row, you line them up with the #1 moved to the end so the sequence is 2,3,4…9,10,1. In the next row you move the #2 to the end. You keep repeating this until you have created every single permutation of the arrangement of these 10 boxes. Can you guess how many rows of boxes that will be? Every permutation will take 3,628,800 rows. That’s a lot.

If I put out more boxes, all of the possible arrangements of the boxes will simply increase. Even if I put out millions of boxes, all the possible arrangements of the boxes will still be a finite number.

Now imagine that instead of boxes in a row, you are rearranging the atoms that make up matter. For instance, the matter that makes up a star or a planet. All of the possible arrangements of all of the atoms of that planet or sun would be an extremely large number – so big that we probably could not calculate it BUT using logic, we can prove that it is a finite number because the total number of possible arrangement of the boxes is finite – meaning that it is less than infinity.

Now imagine that we calculate every possible arrangement of every atom in the universe. Note that the number of atoms in the universe will be infinite in an infinite universe BUT the possible arrangements of those atoms is finite. Granted, it will be a very big number but as with those boxes, there are just so many different ways that they can be arranged. The distinction that we are talking about is a finite number of arrangements of those atoms and NOT the number of atoms, is important.

That means that if you go far enough into the infinite universe, you will have exhausted all of the possible arrangements that atoms can be put together but because space is infinite, the things that those atoms were arranged to be will start repeating themselves. That means that if you go far enough into an infinite universe, you’ll find another Earth that looks exactly like this one.

But now comes the part that is hard to grasp. Infinity is so much larger than it will take to find that first duplicate Earth, that if you keep going, you will find another one and another one, on and on forever. There will be an infinite number of Earths that have every possible arrangement of atoms. One of those Earths will contain you but of the opposite sex, and skin color and hair color – every possible variation of you is out there somewhere.

You can’t say that it will stop somewhere or that it can’t happen because then it wouldn’t be an infinite universe. It doesn’t matter if there is an infinite number of atoms – there is not an infinite number of arrangement of those atoms.

There’s two things wrong with this. The first is that it assumes that the universe is infinite but that it maintains the same laws of physics, math and chemistry that exist on Earth. We do not know that either of those are true.

The second is that there is absolutely no possible way that we can test or confirm this by anything other than imagination and speculation. And that means it is NOT science. We might call it philosophy or a belief. We might have faith that it is true but we cannot call it science.


It’s not that hard, it’s a matter of perspective.

One individual universe, composed by one infinite of individuals, of distinct, infinite variety, diversity, all along in one same order, harmony, universal to individuals all, but broken in the humans.

The vegetable are harmonic, the animals, virus, everything is harmonic, also the volcanos, hurricanes, they’re explainable, the conjunction of actions provoking one to the other, until catastrophes, but harmonically absorbed, even with large extinctions, as to the dinosaurs.

Humans have no harmony, they are ignorant (we are ignorant of ourselves, we don’t know who, what, we are, seriously) living according to theories because theories give results, beauty, newbies, attractions, and charming, seducing, and we get addicted to them without noticing the addiction because it is natural to us all happening the same.

Electricity brought harmony, 50 or 60 hertz, to our houses, to our lives and we got addicted to it as addicted we are to our screens and ‘all-mighty’ powers of talking and exhibiting ourselves to the entire World as well as getting informed and ‘watching’ everything we care about in front of our eyes… blinded to ourselves, we don’t care about who we are, all we want seems to be.

I am, so, that’s fine to me.

The infinite can be counted, imaginarily, from the first to the last, using all the natural numbers.

The infinite, that same, can be counted, imaginarily, from the first to last, using all the odd numbers and it will be completed too.

The same infinite can be counted, imaginarily, from the first to the last, without missing any, nothing, using the infinite number of pairs and there will not be present the one.

The infinite – all – can be counted, imaginarily, from beginning to end, it all, using only the prime numbers and there only the 2 will be repeated in two infinite others as same happened to the 1, present in three infinities only, as imaginarily counted.

Four infinities, one instance, repeated, but not the same, 1 and 2, explains light, on top of a pyramid, to me, like a photon, or base for one single eye.

See… in the Universe, the only thing recognizable to everything else as value, same value, is the apple, as a fruit, and wherever we go, animals go, birds go, it suits to feed, not as other fruits, diverse to distinct cultures, as not the apple, known everywhere for everyone as good… the same idea, of one individual value to one particular species, should be applied to the humans, as same value, wherever they born and that’s… not as such, but should be.

We need to understand humans as valuable, all over, as are the trees… good.

We born good and we’re not apples.