What are the good things that you have considered in dealing with the accepted ethical behavior and the danger that we may encounter?

Well, we’re constantly under threat of dangers because of ethics. Ethics are rules or laws, either as religious or social statues. There are many good ethics that provide help and protection in many ways. Equally there are many things that just justify things for some few. You need to think about who created these ethics and what they really serve. So let’s think about some examples to clarify some thinking.

Food, is something very essential for humans, to live and to be healthy. So, we are many humans on this world. The food industry today produces a lot of food with preservatives, chemicals and so on. These chemicals are often very poisonous for humans. They don’t kill you instantly but they kill or make you sick over a long period of time. The different governments of the world give approvals on what’s allowed and not allowed to add into food through their respective FDAs (Food and Drugs Administration). I think you would be shocked by what they allow. I personally know someone in a country, who works with these things and I know certain things. So here’s a clear danger for humans, but the information isn’t released.

So why is this? This again deals with 2 powerful things on this planet. It’s about money and power. It serves certain people while other suffer with time. It’s great to make food tasty, that sells more because when people create a desire for something, they want more. But desire controls people more than logic thinking.

Other things are pollution issues. There’s plenty of pollution out there that’s allowed by “law”. Logically, they can be very dangerous both to humans and nature, but it again deals with money and power.

If humanity tried to serve a positive evolution which would include a healthier, safer and more united life on our planet, things would look a little different than they do today. Politics would be real servants to humanity and not ruling for their own purpose. The same would be for industry, who would seek solutions for a healthy and safe life rather than for profit and control. Money wouldn’t have the value nor would it have the power it has over people in today’s world. The objectives would be different.

There are many more things on our planet that runs the same way. All kinds of industry, cars are two of the major polluters of this world. AI is another threat because it takes over the work from humans. Who will pay for the ones without work? Not everyone could be a computer specialist. Many humans become superfluous and what do you think the effect would be? It all sounds wonderful with an automated world and how easy things will run, but think about the effects that come with it and who is behind it. You may or may not like the answers. I leave this for your opinion.

Money has become like air for most people. It’s like a super drug. Most people tend to forget that the few super rich don’t need money. They have so much that they could live a thousand lifetimes without working. So, ask yourself, if you had so much money what would be your next step?

Well, it’s easy to see what these “super rich” people do. They control a good part of Earth’s industry, the politicians and so on. It’s clear that they want control. Control ensures their continued survival as well as their agendas.

So, here you see how people have given away their power to few individuals who set the norms and living for the majority. This is then “ethically” protected and people accept without questioning. We are programmed into this system. The dangers are clear and present. A nuclear or biological war can be devastating but it will be started by just a few. Look at the COVID crisis. Just a good example and then laws are passed out with restrictions which ruin a lot of people’s lives. It’s been very controversial since there’s no real evidence more than what media writes. Remember, that media is owned by the very rich. Fear is used as a tool in this case to make people obey. It sounds “good” but ask yourself if it really is good. The consequences will be seen in some time from now, so keep your ears open!

The next step is the vaccine that will come and they may enforce people to be injected. I suggest you do some of your own research on vaccines to see what they really contain. Present trials have already made a bunch of people sick as well as killing some. And it’s all “ethical”. Do you understand how many billions that are going to be made from this?

So, above I just wanted to show you how ethics can be made to look good and still have another agenda which presents danger rather than positive evolution.

I hope this will serve as food for thought! Not everything is as it seems!

With love and for a positive future,

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