Since we’re all entitled to our own truth and we each have different perceptions of reality and everyone’s truth is valid does that basically mean we’re all in our own worlds? How can we ever work together or agree on things in this environment?

Merry Christmas to you all.

  1. Now, why do humans have such different perceptions? You have some answers that clarify that. Truths are based on perception. We perceive truth with our own individual understanding. The mind is the “truth constructor”. As all can be seen by energy instead of matter and form, all is in motion. Consciousness directs the motion of the energy. There are different levels of consciousness. Human consciousness is very limited. First it’s limited to our 5 senses. But our world is but one small density in infinite densities. So, we perceive this as we share a planetary consciousness.

As we have the ability to think, we are able to create. This holds true in our dimension because all that’s man made comes from the mind. That’s including great inventions and more. What many don’t see is that this is energy in motion through consciousness. You create your own little shell with this mind energy thus separating yourself from the unity that we really are. Your understanding and mind constructs therefore create your own reality as you wish to perceive it. If we stop creating a reality in human consciousness, we can eventually break our shell and see the sunshine (the Light). Source energy is ALL. It’s always been there but because we’re “fogged” in by our mind, we simply don’t see it.

Many humans have experienced this Source unity, either shortly or for longer periods. As we start understanding the unity and the true ONENESS of what we are we expand in consciousness and we grow more together in unity, hence the “individual” type truths start to diminish because we share similar concepts and “truths”. My experience is that the consciousness grows as a sphere from within. Each individual’s sphere grow into one another and with time this creates a human collective sphere where we share similar meanings and truths. Here we are able to select the best solutions to our problems. It’s totally unimportant who says the idea, but each and every idea has value and should be examined in order to find the best solution. Today mankind is ruled by the elite and governments and they present their “truth” which we are just to accept….

By meditating, contemplating and by stilling our mind, we are able to clear our “mind fog”. We receive what we create and our conditions will prevail until the mentality changes.

All this requires an open mind, respect and search for the best ideas. Selfishness has no place in this kind of unity because there is no more nor less for anyone. All is ONE……

Humans can apply this today because it’s a matter of mindset. If humanity takes the mentality of oneness then all types of ideas to different problems will emerge. Diversity is important here. We all have creativity and intelligence within us. It’s time to bring this out. YOU ARE SOMEONE WITH VALUE.


Each of us have personal ‘truths’, and societies have ‘societal truths’ but none are True in and way.

There are Cosmic Truths in the universe and much is now available about those, on the Web, but it takes time and effort to determine what Truth is and few of us choose to find them; so we waste our lives chasing falsehoods and untruths instead.

You cannot find Truths when you are just barely surviving in the many, weak states of Fear. To find Truth you have to move out of Fear and start your journey towards living a Love-focused life. Fear is an anti-life way and Love is a pro-life way and all Truths are found on a pro-life paths.

About a half billion humans are presently trying to live Love-focused lives and, in this very non-linear universe, the total spiritual power of that half billion is much larger than the that of all other humans combined. This is causing serious chaos among those who would rule and why there is so much chaos at the moment,

You can help by choosing to find your way to becoming Love-focused yourself. Those who Love Unconditionally are powerful and those who just exist in Fear are weak.

So, learn how to Love yourself Unconditionally; this will morph into your Loving everything Unconditionally.