Best way to eliminate laziness from your life.

  • Laziness and procrastination can be a serious impediment to your success. Being lazy means you lack the motivation to take action. Procrastination is similar and means that you put off certain actions or activities until a later time.

If you’re not living the life you want right now, it’s tied to your lack of action. Action is the key to making progress and reaching that next level of success. No one has become successful in life by sitting on the couch dreaming about a better life.

You can create your dream life by following the best course of action. As Tony Robbins says, “you can run your fastest going East looking for a sunset but you’ll never find it.” If you don’t take strategic actions, you won’t get better results.

Here are five ways to DESTROY laziness:

1)Improve Physical Energy

One of the best choices I’ve ever made was deciding to work on becoming the best version of myself physically. I used to weigh almost 240 pounds about six years ago. I was overweight with low self-confidence, energy and very lazy.

I would always crave junk food, soda and sweets. My body ached a lot especially my knees and back. I didn’t drink nearly enough water to keep me hydrated, didn’t care about sleep and I didn’t have an exercise routine. I’m much healthier now.

To increase your physical energy, exercise is a must-do. There’s been tons of research that show how exercise directly boosts your energy, mood, longevity, and focus. Exercising has been an absolute game-changer for me. It’s what helped me lose almost 80 pounds and got me fit.

I have more energy to get things done, improved focus, more confidence about the way I look and feel stronger than ever. Start by spending at least 10–15 minutes doing jumping jacks, walking, jogging, riding a bike or doing pushups at least 3–5 times a week for the best results. The more consistent, the faster the results.

Even if you can only do one pushup, you must start somewhere. One push up a day for a week and the second week two and so on. It can even be taking your dog for a 10-minute walk so you both can get in shape. Add time each week. Progress and consistency are everything.

2)Improve Mental Energy

The best part about exercise is that it improves three important aspects of life which include: emotional, physical and mental wellness. In this section, we’ll be talking about mental wellness. Great mental energy is needed for self-improvement.

Some emotional signs of low mental energy include anxiety, depression, irritability, anger, lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating and focusing. Physical signs include having fatigue, headaches, body aches, upset stomach and sleepiness.

When your brain and mind are not in a peak state, all other areas of your well-being take a hit including physically, financially, professionally and emotionally. When you lack mental energy, it’s much harder to control your emotions which can interfere with your day to day decision making.

A few tips to improve your mental energy are getting 7–8 hours of sleep, regularly exercising, eating healthy, mindfulness activities, and managing your stress in a positive way. The more energy you have, the more things you can get done. Having an abundance of energy is crucial to your success in life.

3)Inspiring Goals & Dreams

One of the best ways to kill your laziness is to have goals and dreams that inspire you to take action. We all have different areas of our life that need attention or things that we can to have. Physical health, mental/emotional health, relationships, finances, career and spirituality are the main ones in my life.

Ask yourself these questions and answer in your mind yes or no:

Do you struggle to pay the bills each month?
Do you buy the least expensive meals when you eat out?
Do you not have enough money to buy & do the things you want?
Do you feel as if you don’t have the energy to work on your goals?
Do you want to feel confident about how your body looks?
Do you want stronger relationships with your partner, family & friends?
Do you feel stuck, unhappy and bored with the work that you do?
Do you always feel stressed and as if your emotions get the best of you?
Do you feel as if you never have time to get everything you need to be done?
If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then there is definitely room for growth and improvement. The best part about life is that we always have the choice to improve ourselves. If we choose not to improve, then we will stay where we are with what we have. The real question is how bad do you want success?

4)Find Your “Why”

This is something you hear often in the self-help space…what’s your “why”? I’m sure you’ve wondered just like I have, what exactly does that mean? Simply put your “why” are the reasons that motivate you to take action on your goals & dreams.

For example, let’s say you want to improve your physical well-being. By finding powerful reasons or “the benefits” of improving your health, it can inspire you to take action. What you want to do is list all the reasons “why” your health is important to you.

I’ll give you a list of reasons that motivates me to keep my health a priority:

I want to live as long as possible with the people I love & care about.
I love feeling confident about my physique and the way I look naked lol.
I want to have an abundance of energy to do all the things I want in life.
I want to prevent age-related diseases like Dementia and Alzheimers.
I want to be able to take care of myself without assistance when I’m older.
I want to feel happy, strong, confident and energized at all times.
The more clear, detailed and specific your reasons…the stronger your “why’s.” Another great exercise to do is to write down what will happen if you don’t reach your goals. This exercise can put into perspective the consequences of laziness and not taking action on your goals.

I’ll use health to keep the example the same. Write down the question and then answer it for yourself, what will happen if I don’t achieve my goals & dreams? Here are some examples of what that can look like:

I’ll need assistance when I’m older to do basic things like dressing or using the bathroom.
I may die at an early age from disease and leave my loved ones behind.
I have a much higher chance of developing age-related diseases
I won’t have the energy to do things I dream of doing & accomplishing.
I’ll feel regret at the end of my life for never pursuing my desires in life.
I won’t feel proud and confident about the way I look.
Your answers can be the exact opposite of how your life will turn out if you DO take action on your goals and dreams. The purpose of this exercise to gain perspective about how your life may turn out if you never take action towards a happier life.

Any time you want to be lazy, just take a look at your list of what can happen if don’t achieve your goals to remind yourself of the consequences. Then, look at your list of reasons “why” to get motivated to take action.

5)Start Now

The final step to beating your laziness is taking action. Take out your journal or piece of paper. Writing stuff down on paper is proven to help you remember things better, keeps you organized & it’s a great way to feel your ideas coming to life.

Think of an area of your life that you’re struggling in the most, that you want to have more success in or something you’ve always wanted. Remember, this can be physical, mental/emotional, financial, work, relationships, spiritual, or something you want materialistically (nicer car, home, clothes, etc.)

I’m going to give you a 4-step process to achieve your goals & dreams:

When you decide what area you want to improve in, envision what success in that area of your life looks like. (Close your eyes & imagine)
Write down in detail what success looks like for you in that area of life.
What do you see happening, what do you hear people saying, what do you smell, and what does it feel like knowing that you hit your goal. (The stronger you feel yourself succeeding, the better.)
Write down 2–3 activities, habits or behaviors that can help you reach your goal. If you’re not sure do some research but find at least 2 action-steps. Keep doing research to see what works and what doesn’t.
Stay consistent and improve your action plan as needed. Making adjustments is a part of success. Sometimes things won’t work as you planned but NEVER give up. Change your approach and try again.
Start TODAY. If you don’t have anything planned for the next 10–15 minutes then start right now. Put one of those activities into action. If you don’t have “time” right now, then plan it for later. But it MUST be done today. Stop letting procrastination & laziness get the best of you.
Do your best to schedule your goal-driven activities around the same time each day for a certain period of time. Block out that time and put all your focus into that activity. Dedicate at least 10–60 minutes or longer if needed. Put your phone away and eliminate distractions.
Set an alarm on your phone to remind you every day that it’s time to work on your goals. If you use a planner or calendar, then put it on the schedule. Things that get scheduled get done. Do this for at least 21 days to make it a habit. If you miss a day, get back on track.

I believe laziness comes from a lack of motivation, fear of failure and not knowing exactly what you want from life. You don’t want to get to the end of your life and feel regret for never going after your goals and dreams.

Anytime you think to yourself “I don’t have time for that”, I want you to say “It’s not my priority” and see how that feels. We are always in control of our time and choices even if you don’t believe it. You can choose how to spend your time.

Life is happening right now and the clock is ticking…GO TAKE ACTION!

What are you waiting for? GO! GO! GO!

  • before I help you understanding the phenomenon of laziness, let me tell you something that is simple yet the most powerful advice in this matter. If you keep giving yourself an option of staying lazy and lethargic, no matter what you do, it will not leave you, it will keep coming back again and again. So best strategy that always works is to eliminate the option of being lazy from your mind and implement it with utmost strictness.

Now, let me help you understand this phenomenon of laziness at 3 different levels:

At physical level – core reason for feeling lethargic is improper blood circulation and improper digestion. When your food is not getting digested properly, you do not get vital elements into your system to keep you full of vitality and energy. Poor circulation leads to low supply of blood into brain which again leads to poor attention and ability to act.
At mind level – at this level influence is even stronger. Typically people who have accepted to be okay with lower standards of personal performance, have an attitude of indifference to situation around them and have weak will power tend to struggle with lethargy. You need to consciously think about your priorities in life and then assess whether your action and your way of life is aligned to your priorities. If it’s not then your priorities need to change. Till that happens, you will not be able to muster enough strength to battle your lethargy because it’s a strong force like gravity that keep pulling us down if we don’t fight it back.
At spiritual existence level – this is most significant and fundamental mechanics. People who are running low on life energy will have deep issues of lethargy and inaction. Life energy is the subtle cosmic energy that powers our existence, our biological cells and is essence of being alive. Lower the life energy, lesser alive you are. Stronger the life energy, fuller the life is with vitality, joy and enthusiasm.
If you are serious about fighting back with laziness, here is the list of most effective techniques that you can experiment for next 6 months and see results for yourself:

Avoid taking bath with hot water, use room temperature water or cold water
Do 10 full rounds of Suryanamaskar everyday morning
Don’t sleep late (after 11 PM). Ensure at least 7 hours of good sleep every day
Don’t eat anything after 8 PM. Dinner must be light and must finish off before 8 PM.
Stop eating all junk food completely (especially Pizza, pasta, burgers, chips, cheese, packaged food, packaged drink)
Drink a glassful of warm water first thing in the morning as soon as you get up
Don’t drink cold water or cold beverages. Don’t drink water or anything during or right after having your food
Before you go to sleep, wash your feet thoroughly everyday.
Stay sensible with meals – do not overeat, do not skip meals, do not keep nibbling at frequent intervals.
Stop sugar completely (white, brown, sugarless or any form of sugar). Instead, use Jaggery or honey.
All the best.

What are the levels of depression?

  • I wouldn’t really characterize depression as having discrete levels.

It’s more like a continuum that shades from light to gray to dark. Actually it’s more like shading from charcoal to dark.

The disease is different for everyone, which makes it difficult to explain. I can relate my experiences and someone else could completely contradict my story — and still have depression. Without treatment it tends to get worse a lot more than it tends to get better. I know that much for sure.

If the normal person’s experience is to have an average happiness level of zero (meaning they’re neither unusually happy or unhappy), their emotions will naturally fluctuate throughout the day. So you can say that “normal” is zero, plus-or-minus 2. For the sake of argument, that’s a healthy range of emotions.

A depressed person might instead experience an average happiness level of negative two (plus-or-minus 2). So on a good day, they feel more-or-less “normal” but their average days are a “normal” person’s bad days and their bad days are a nightmare.

Or, a depressed person might instead experiencing an average happiness level of -.5 with moods that either add +2 or subtract -5. A really good day is still good (+1.5) but a bad day is super horrific (-5.5).

It’s hard to shoehorn such different models into one system of categorization.

Mild mood disturbance (this is the blues that everyone gets on occasion)

Borderline clinical depression (this can cover a particularly nasty situational depression, like you lost your job, it is the middle of the Great Recession, so there are no jobs on the horizon and you are about to be homeless. You probably don’t need meds, but you do need some counseling.)

Moderate depression (this just isn’t going away, you are still functional, but it is really hard. There can be no particular reason for this depression, it can just feel like there is a heavy blanket smothering the life out of you and you don’t have the energy to fight it off.)

Severe depression (Functioning is really difficult, you would rather spend the day in bed and make the world go away. The future looks pretty bleak, and you are feeling like you have no friends, there is no one that understands, and they never did. Suicide is possible.)

Extreme depression (This is the level where your therapist is going to be very concerned, and will probably recommend that you go to the hospital. Life is impossible (you aren’t taking care of yourself, no showers, not bothering with clean clothes, not feeding yourself, you aren’t taking your meds anymore, it just doesn’t matter anymore), there is no future, you are a total failure. You can see no way out of this. Suicide is more than a probability.)

There are quite a few and others may call them different things but they are basically all around these few

Mild: you occasionally feel really down and you feel a bit more lazy than usual but you still shower every so often and you bother to do at least some laundry and cleaning

Moderate: you often feel upset and you just want to lay around but you still eat and care to change every few days and you still can get up and walk around some

heavy: you start to feel like you emotions are draining and you would rather lay in bed instead of use the bathroom or eat but you still find a way to eat even if it’s not very much your family may notice a small change in you and may even comment and at this point you hardly even shower or change clothes

severe: you don’t feel emotion you feel that you’ve lost all hope and you don’t have any friends or anyone that cares about you. You are either eating way too much or way too little you don’t do anything all day you shower like once a week and will change you clothes after a few days and you start feeling more distant from everyone

EXTREME: you feel hopeless, emotionless, empty you feel like there is nobody that can care for you you haven’t showered, changed, or done much in weeks and you’ve stopped eating almost completely or you are eating every second, you will lay in your own filth and not use the bathroom all day, you can’t sleep during the night then you sleep all day or you fall asleep near 4:00 am and wake up at 6:00 am you may start to feel that the world is better without you and may start thinking about suicide or you might start self harm you may even try suicide. You feel that you can’t do anything right or that everyone hates you, you feel like you are just a grain of sand in a giant beach or that the world wouldn’t hurt at all if you died.

Several, normal depression, clinical depression, depression associated with another illness or mental disorder, depression which occurs as a result of the side effects caused by other medications which you may be taking.

Of those the first two are caused by loss. Of those two, only one will ass onn it’s own. Clinical depression is serious. It will take psychotherapy and medication. normal depression happens when you don’t pass that test, don’t get that job, lose that girlfriend… friends who talk are the best remedy for that.

EVERY other form needs to be brought to the attention of your personal physician.