Can you complete the sentence, “Revenge is..”?

Let us take a look of few explanations of Revenge

  • Revenge is a transparent labyrinth.
    Even though it’s self-explanatory, I will add some ideas:
    it’s easy to get lost
    it’s easy to remain there because there is no exit in sight, and there isn’t even a guarantee that there is an exit
    it’s hard to properly dimension retribution, as it is hard to actually know the size of a labyrinth
    at any point in time your path will be determined by ideas/forces that only exist inside you and that form the walls of your confinement
    while exacting revenge, it’s easy to forget how you got there in the first place, and this leads to a much darker/denser dwelling in the Self, because revenge stops being retribution and it becomes an end in itself
    since you can’t see the walls and you can’t discern any pattern, then revenge stops being a map and becomes one with the territory, eroding any awareness you had of the need for revenge and installing in you a permanent hunger, even if this remains inconspicuous in the background of your mental life
  • Revenge is Personal Street Justice.

Justice itself is righting the wrongs… not all wrongs can be righted, sometimes wanting justice is wanting the impossible.

When we bring a murderer “to justice” … there is no righting of wrongs, it doesn’t bring anyone back. What are we really after at this point, why do we want to bring a murderer “to justice”?

Revenge cannot right the wrongs, but it can prevent more wrongs. 2 wrongs doesn’t make a right. But it does prevent the wrong-doer of the first wrong from doing more wrongs when the second wrong is death to the first wrong-doer.

The problem with Revenge is it’s a one sided judgement and easily abused. Yes, there is such a thing as just revenge, but what do you think has been historically more common when someone is out for revenge?

I leave you with a speech that advocates Injust Revenge…

Revenge is like poisoning yourself and expecting the other person to die!

Not everyone does this consciously, but many do such things while living in ignorance of who things really work.

In this generous universe, more comes back to you than what you send out. Doing anti-life things results in your life becoming primarily anti-life; to the point where you cannot survive. And you did it to yourself! Oops!

Maybe not the most brilliant move you could ever do!

  • Okay, humor aside. Revenge only creates more angry people with more desire for revenge. This is true Christian or not.

The real answer, being a Christian: “…mine sayeth the Lord.”

That is very hard for us as humans when we have been wronged. There are many times in history where people have changed and made right what was wronged by them in the past. Taking revenge often has consequences that make reconciliations impossible or very difficult.

  • Revenge is….only revenge if they know that it was you that did it.

Revenge is….a dish best served cold”

Revenge is… your next bad decision in a succession of progressively worse cause and effect actions and reactions.

Revenge is… soaring to the heights before the out of control spiral that plummets to the earth.

Revenge is….the only option.

Revenge is….

ok this one doesn’t start with Revenge is.

But this is the one I truly believe is correct.

Success will be the best revenge.

  • Useless and bad for you.
    If you feel the need to get back to somebody because something they said or did hurt you, the problem is yours.

We are the only ones responsible for that feeling, since nobody can do you harm if you don’t let them.

So wanting revenge is a way to admit that you let other people control you with their actions or words, because they are able to trigger anger and rage inside of you and then you’re letting that emotions take over your thoughts.

Revenge makes you weaker and not in control of your own life.

The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury

  • Marcus Aurelius.

The best thing you can do whenever something happens to you that triggers that feeling is acknowledge that nobody or nothing outside of you can hurt you if you don’t want to be hurt.

And when you treat the other person the right way, regardless of what they did or said to you, you are the stronger one, you grow as a person and become a better version of yourself.

And the most important thing is you feel better, you don’t lose your inner peace and the other person is the one that is left with the bad feelings and anger.

So, be the better person, do the right thing.

  • Wasted energy and time while what you must be trying to do is live for yourself, introspecting “Am I really happy ?”, “Is this really important” , “Isn’t it making me stressed?” . You, my darling, have limited time.

Instead of, wasting time thinking about others, you must have a meaning in life and focus on achieving it.

Cut that person off from your life. Leave what happened in the past. Trying in anger to take revenge from somebody is taking a good portion of your life and peace of your mind.

Please, for God’s sake, if you have finances, family and health; have a goal and positively work towards it.

Can complete the sentence, “Revenge is..”?

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