Can’t we be good people without supporting things we don’t believe in, in our society today?

To my own personal understanding. I have few explanations:

  • The answer is yes. But people are not perfect in everything, according to our own measure.

However, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder then society has made it that ‘If you don’t like and believe in what I like and believe in, then you are not a good person”

This has been growing in society for the last few decades. ITs basically intolerance, intolerance of some one else’s point of view and the intolerance to hear it.

Intolerance of differences of opinion. We know that some great people of the past were not ‘snow white’ but they were still great people in some other capacity but not ALL capacities.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way (and I blame popularism and films and tv and the media including news transmission), anyone that is pulled up for one thing is immediately scapegoated and made to look evil and the worst of characters. The media, need to sell copy, so to do so they have to sensationalise and since the general population likes nothing better than to have someone to collectively hate and moan about, this is what the medial does.

There is no balanced view or benefit of the doubt, no margin of error or exceptional circumstances, the person is wrong, evil and black to the heart – no matter what.

Society has taken this and pushed it to its limit by making it that anyone that does agree with me is wrong and wrong in everything, they should not even be allowed to be heard. This is very dangerous to society. This intolerance.

Once this intolerance gets to the top then we end up with curbs on the freedom of speech and limits on what is allowed to be said.

An example. The wonderful old man, major Tom got lambasted in social media(Im not sure what was said but for the purposes of this example I’m assuming that it was just the usual thing like ‘Well he was a murderer in the war and they are glad he is dead’ rather than something that DOES go to far and says that ‘He should be dead.’) but that post about the sweet old man has upset people. Now I’m sure you agree that people that post nasty horrible comments should be stopped and banned, pulled up in court etc.

I was one of those initially decrying the bad mouthing of Major Tom, but then I though about it to the next level. YES its horrible and nasty and should probably be taken down but to be brought up on charges? That is encroaching on freedom of speech.

Why? because if you turn it around and make the government have the part of Major Tom then it suddenly becomes sinister. It means that you have just lost the right to criticize the government! Its not a huge step.

The things that people don’t like are silenced and the intolerance grows and the government helps by strengthening the laws, till they go one step too far and like Twitter they get to silence anyone for anything they don’t like, anything that dos ot agree with their view on anything, even legitimate criticism.

Far better to have the freedom and for right minded people to DROWN out the pathetic morons that troll. Doing it this way keeps our rights to criticize and also allows public opinion to keep others in check by overwhelming responses. And we learn why are the trolls out in the open where the right minded can laugh at them.

If we weren’t allowed the freedom of speech then we would have such laws as ‘disturbing the tranquillity’ or other laws that allow those in power to take away our right to express ourselves while saying its for our own good.

So yes, we can be ok without agreeing with everything but its the listener that makes the choice. Hopefully you have a listener that knows how to balance their opinion of you rather than a censorship junky.

Can’t we be good people without supporting things we don’t believe in, in our society today?


  • Yes of course. Supporting something that one doesn’t believe in makes one a hypocrite and that’s therefore definitely not something good and honest people ever do.

I don’t think people should “hook up” but society says it’s ok. I don’t think we should over sexualize people, yet it’s everywhere you look. I don’t think you should lie, but watch the news, politics or social media and it’s full of 1/2 truths and outright lies.

I want to believe that people are good. It’s a natural instinct. But society pushes too much immorality and passes it off as ok. Greed, power, sexual perversion, using people, exploiting people and insulting people are everyday examples if what we consider entertainment. It’s the news, the movies, advertising, social media, etc.

Baby mamas. Baby daddies. Good grief. You have brought a life into this world. You are a mother. You are a father. Grow up.

It amazes me what is socially acceptable today. Nobody bats an eye and I’m over hear like “Really???” SMH

So don’t support what society is cramming down our throats as normal & you will absolutely be a good person.

  • It’s been said “Perfect is the enemy of the good”. If you are looking for the “perfect’ you are never going to find it. Look for the “good” and support that.

Think of it this way, must someone agree with you 100% ( the perfect) to be your friend?
The problem with society is that it is a self-regulating entity. When someone tries to go against the grain or thinks differently, someone else is going to call you out on that and try to reel you back in. Some people can’t handle it including family. Through media, papers, professionals, friends and family society wants conformity. That is why things rarely change. It is up to each individual to change but the buck is always passed to someone else. The politicians will say:

Give us more of your freedoms and we will change things for the better. You have to sacrifice one thing for another.

They don’t want change. They want people to live in ignorance, poverty and easily manipulated. No one disaster is ever wasted. It is an opportunity to implement change but not for the better.

I am not implying to think less of society but to think for oneself and examine things as they are. Not as they appear to be.

Most people go with the flow and wear a mask of some form not to be hassled by the world. Today’s society standards by the way are very low and superficial. That ought not be a measure of standard but measure of decay and decline.

Others want to be social warriors. They want to change everything else except themselves

  • Everything in this universe was given a form of Free Will; but those who choose a Fear-based mode of competition want us to remain so Fear-based that we are easy to control.

You will have to ignore a lot of nonsense which is presented to you; but our Destiny is to Become Love Personified, not to tremble in the many, weak states of Fear!

You don’t have to believe Fear-based nonsense and do have a Destiny to Become Love.

Choose to be a foolish follower or to become Love-focused instead!

Many humans are choosing to be fools and to follow Fear. You don’t have to choose to be a Fool!

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