How can someone live without empathy?

I have some few explanations:

  • If we live without ‘empathy’ we can expect a life where little empathy comes our way. However, being human, we all make mistakes, or have bad things come our way and to have any Joy in our lives having others show us empathy will often make things better! LoL!

Of course, if you believe that you are already perfect, you would think that you will need help and comfort; after all you are already perfect.

I have yet to meet such a perfect human.
If you know of one, please tell me who that is (complete with contact details!

Here we go on:

a. How can someone suffer through life without feeling empathy?
as John Bruss says below, many people with narcissism – or its big brother, sociopathic personality – do it sometimes as a seemingly successful lifestyle (“clawing their way to the top”, making lots of money). There are costs to any lifestyle and there are costs to this, but it works for some people with some kinds of backgrounds. A recent U.S. President is presumably a case in point.
b. Can someone practically get through life without empathy?
Arguably all humans need to at least feign empathy in some situations in order to avoid being eschewed by all social groups. Narcissistic/antisocial people are dangerous and even the most hardened sociopath looks for others who will “protect my back”. On the other end of the spectrum, most humans do feel empathy and cherish it as an important foundation for meaningful life.
c. What are the mechanics of being a human being without empathy?
Fundamentally we humans are social creatures and depend upon social relationships. So empathy is inherent to one extent or another. However, we are also predators (make weapons, eat meat, etc). This is “in us” just as much as our inclination to social groupings. Arguably, it is childhood experiences that shift the balance one way or another. Where adverse childhood experiences result in the message “you can’t trust or depend upon other humans” then empathy, conscience, and connection fade, and self-interest, deception, and exploitation rise.

  • How does someone live without hearing, or vision? When you lack a capability, especially when you lack it from birth, you will learn to compensate for it. People that are low in emotional empathy or completely lack it, compensate for it by developing what is called secondary, cognitive or sometimes cerebral empathy:

They do not sense other peoples emotions, but they abstract the emotions other people are experiencing by their behavior and unconscious messages they are sending.

Here we go on:

There are two kind of persons that do empath.

a. Those who love themselves, trust themselves, appreciate themselves so they have the right self value and self esteem and then, only then, can empath with others that need help.
b. Those that are anxious to be ‘needed’ by others because they neither love themselves, nor trust themselves, nor appreciate themselves and want other to ‘love’ them because the empath with the others. Fake love and fake empath.
But the real question would be: Why you are claiming that people do not empath?

Most probably, you are of the second type and want others to do what you do not do for yourself: love you!

In place of wandering why people do not empath… just begin to love yourself, trust yourself, appreciate yourself and then, only then, you would be able to empath with others. Be what you want others to be!

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