Why is acceptance better than escapism?

  • There are two categories of living in this universe: the pro-life one which the universe selected and supports and the anti-life way which much of society sells (using falsehoods and downright Lies).

Accepting Life as it is allows you to move on in a Love or pro-life way, but escapism has you in the anti-life mode and this generous universe will send you ever-more anti-life ‘things’ until you self-destruct.

If you choose the pro-life ways, like Love, than you get so much more back that you may have to give your gifts away or be overwhelmed by their excess.

Choose; but don’t whine if you choose to self-destruct! No Great cheese to go with it though!

  • Like an addiction to a drug that worsens with time, Yes, apparent acceptance seems “better”.

In a metaphorical way, we become accepted by the drug that gradually addicts us….and acceptance becomes dominance over us….expecting us to disappear and only submission remains.

And of course, escapism is used in your question as a pejorative while it is “alone time”* is essential for self-awareness and inner peace.

even escaping from the narcissists who need and even demand our allegiance

So the tug of war is becoming aware of who we are within ourselves is fighting with the outer demands to be submissive to a culture (and only be seen as acceptable by submitting).

Nietzsche was correct in writing about dominant animal herders seeking out submissive animals to herd.

That is the inevitable eventual path when groups of people signal, that they are seeking acceptance outside, and not inside, themselves.

IMO, only when we inwardly embrace goodness* will be free ourselves to no longer seek acceptance “out there somewhere” because we will have found that acceptance within us….becoming human.

And goodness is not “out there somewhere”….the herders and the herded are “out there

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