When people say they don’t take life too seriously, is that a good idea?

  • If you aren’t laughing at life, you don’t understand it well enough – Yet!

However, most humans who take it seriously do so firmly totally enveloped in Fear; yet most of living (a vast portion) should be done in Love; not Fear.

If you have started your journey towards becoming your Destiny of ‘Becoming Love Personified’, then Fear will mostly be an ancient memory and, in a Love-focused life, you will be fully involved in Loving, which you do take seriously, but not distorted by the many, weak states of Fear.

Those who do live a Love-focused life will usually be seen smiling, laughing and crying tears of Joy, not sorrow; so they could be accused, by those trapped in Fear, as not taking life seriously enough.

Deeply in Fear, no enjoyment, Joy or laughter is allowed.

In reality it is those who insist in just barely surviving in the Fear mode who are not taking life seriously enough! However, in Fear mode, they are certain they ‘know it all’ and everyone else is the fool! LoL!

Don’t run your life on the nonsense from Fools in Fear!

  • It depends on the scenario.

There is a time and season for everything. And near everything within moderation is good. While anything and everything in excess hurts more than helps. And there’s always an exception to every rule, even if it’s just one.

That said, taking life seriously all the time isn’t healthy or good for anyone.

The same goes for goofing around, being relaxed, or being not serious. Never being serious, even in serious situations is a bad thing too and is unhealthy for anyone.

So if, by saying that, they mean it literally, that they are never serious even at funerals or weddings or in crisis, life or death scenarios, then that’s a bad thing.

But, if by saying that, they’re telling a partial truth, and really mean that they aren’t always serious or that they prefer to be relaxed and have fun or be lazy to being serious than that’s fine.

But chances are, they haven’t ever had to be serious before, or if they have, they hated every moment of it. Especially in today’s day and age where some people think being serious simply means telling the truth or being in a long term relationship. And if they’ve never experienced death, never been in a life or death crisis before, never had to go to court, or never really had to do anything that requires them to be serious, then they are blessed and lucky, and also may be in serious trouble as they are unprepared if they ever do encounter a serious scenario.

I mean, if one has never had to watch their parent or loved one die in their arms, they might make inappropriate jokes or remarks when it happens to another. If one has never had to go to court before, they may show up in their pajamas or most comfortable outfit and flip flops (bad idea) rather than their Sunday best which would get them a more favorable result. They might even interrupt or backtalk the judge who is determining whether they should spend time in jail or go free if they don’t take such a scenario seriously. They might brush off someone confiding that they’re being abused and raped by their own family member if they don’t take anything seriously.

So yeah, it depends if they mean what they say literally, if they’re lying to some degree, or if they simply have never been in a serious situation before.

When people say they don’t take life too seriously, is that a good idea?

  • It can be an excellent thing after one has championed that the art of discrimination of right and wrong which is circumstance and situation based not by impulse of mind.

The art itself a continuous learning process which makes us alert by creating harmony with thinking of mind and emotions involved therein.

One thing which is right in certain situation could not be in another instance so how we judge it to be and find its nature.

It needs conscious effort and continuous persuasion towards such goal that has to be learnt by experimenting and experiencing the results that can make us vigilant.

We should know our mind is always biased for being conditioned by our influence of external environment we have experienced unaware which is normal.

We come with our own quality of mind which could have some past reason and let us not fall in the belief but accept which we would know by having dissimilar perception even in family.

Have we ever thought why our own people perceive things differently?

Self-discipline is the greatest tool which can help controlling our mind and our mindset being the chief culprit in rejecting the proposal.

The mind is attracting towards sensory pleasure being external thing or works with external senses overseeing the emotion part rightly.

Our thoughts which convert into action could harm other even if it is not intended but we could know later on.

Do we realize and correct the next time or forget of such past having no value to us.

A small error in such judgment can one day can make us victim of our own doing and then if we think of an unaware act would have already created a cause that would reap in an appropriate effect

We live under the divine principle of cause and effect and can never come out where an alert mind is needed.

Self-discipline also needs honesty to be build up even if it is in self can alarm for an mistake unaware and give opportunity to apologize early for reducing the ill effect later on.

It is value which we are creating and by value we mean what is good for me should be good for other irrespective we know other closely or not.

Our first interaction with a new person is making our image in his mind and humility with honest intent would always leave something beautiful in other mind whether we meet them often or not but the fragrance of such incident he would spread in many others.

We thus spread positive vibrations unknowingly in and around unaware which are or pleasant nature and can be cumulative effort of time, not impulsive mind.

A person who develops such character would often be simple and transparent and alert though not react but is capable to tackle a difficult situation and assisted by so many friends known and unknown he has created is taking like simple.

He stating not taking life seriously is right in his perspective not many others who are simply attracted with falsehood of avoiding hard work that is involved.

Does having being competitive and kind of aggressive with yourself for motivation mean you have an inferiority complex?

  • We should compete with our former selves to become more than we were before; an ongoing process for all who travel toward Enlightenment.

Competing with others is based upon a false, inner belief that we are not good enough, just as we are; but could be so if we ever get enough power, possessions and riches.

That never works, because the inner false, belief is till there. Those stuck in competition with others seldom choose to self-disclose and realize that their belief is false; they are likely to believe that only others are wrong and misguided.

So, Yes, if you are competing with others, you believe that you are not enough; just as you are! One way of ‘naming’ that state is an ‘inferiority complex’!

Competing with your former state of being is an indication of one who is on the Right path towards Enlightenment! Keep on Keeping on!

  • It means you just don’t know yourself. Yet. Anyways, knowing yourself and getting to know yourself better is a lifetime’s endeavor. Keep at it patiently and persistently. Be willing to pick up new tools along the way, and just as willingly to set aside old tools that have served their purpose. That is, grow in courage and wisdom in order to learn to keep what is useful and let go of what isn’t.

What is the positive intent behind treating yourself competitively and aggressively? It’s to get your butt in gear and not buy into your excuses, which is a great thing! It’s just a matter of finding the right BALANCE between holding yourself accountable without becoming a self tyrant, and also treating yourself with care and understanding without becoming the placating mother who lets anything slide for fear of damaging her precious children, and thus keeping them weak.

Resources are Jordan Peterson’s lectures “Personality and Its Transformation.” Learning to meditate and then doing so; the book “Breath by Breath” by Larry Rosenberg. Myself; email for complementary coaching session. And ultimately, yourself: your mind, knowledge, skills, experience, potential and your blood, sweat, tears and spiritual energy.

Let your light shine while not being blind to your shadow. You don’t have a shadow you say? You’re all pure and light, nobleness and bright. And so thus, you’re even more of a danger to yourself and others. Wake up to and own your power, we need that. Though we need too, power that is wielded wisely, judiciously and with clear sight.

“The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts.

  1. An inferiority complex requires you to compare your “feelings” of inadequacy onto someone else. The process you’re going by is closer to [negative validation]. While it sounds bad, it’s actually a beneficial technique to put a check on your ego. Instead of placing blame on anything external to yourself, you acknowledge a negative aspect of yourself and seek to remedy yourself.
  2. However, if you have multiple personalities that have their own consciousness and place blame on any of them, to a degree there’s an Inferiority complex.