Does having being competitive and kind of aggressive with yourself for motivation mean you have an inferiority complex?

  • We should compete with our former selves to become more than we were before; an ongoing process for all who travel toward Enlightenment.

Competing with others is based upon a false, inner belief that we are not good enough, just as we are; but could be so if we ever get enough power, possessions and riches.

That never works, because the inner false, belief is till there. Those stuck in competition with others seldom choose to self-disclose and realize that their belief is false; they are likely to believe that only others are wrong and misguided.

So, Yes, if you are competing with others, you believe that you are not enough; just as you are! One way of ‘naming’ that state is an ‘inferiority complex’!

Competing with your former state of being is an indication of one who is on the Right path towards Enlightenment! Keep on Keeping on!

  • It means you just don’t know yourself. Yet. Anyways, knowing yourself and getting to know yourself better is a lifetime’s endeavor. Keep at it patiently and persistently. Be willing to pick up new tools along the way, and just as willingly to set aside old tools that have served their purpose. That is, grow in courage and wisdom in order to learn to keep what is useful and let go of what isn’t.

What is the positive intent behind treating yourself competitively and aggressively? It’s to get your butt in gear and not buy into your excuses, which is a great thing! It’s just a matter of finding the right BALANCE between holding yourself accountable without becoming a self tyrant, and also treating yourself with care and understanding without becoming the placating mother who lets anything slide for fear of damaging her precious children, and thus keeping them weak.

Resources are Jordan Peterson’s lectures “Personality and Its Transformation.” Learning to meditate and then doing so; the book “Breath by Breath” by Larry Rosenberg. Myself; email for complementary coaching session. And ultimately, yourself: your mind, knowledge, skills, experience, potential and your blood, sweat, tears and spiritual energy.

Let your light shine while not being blind to your shadow. You don’t have a shadow you say? You’re all pure and light, nobleness and bright. And so thus, you’re even more of a danger to yourself and others. Wake up to and own your power, we need that. Though we need too, power that is wielded wisely, judiciously and with clear sight.

“The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts.

  1. An inferiority complex requires you to compare your “feelings” of inadequacy onto someone else. The process you’re going by is closer to [negative validation]. While it sounds bad, it’s actually a beneficial technique to put a check on your ego. Instead of placing blame on anything external to yourself, you acknowledge a negative aspect of yourself and seek to remedy yourself.
  2. However, if you have multiple personalities that have their own consciousness and place blame on any of them, to a degree there’s an Inferiority complex.

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