What should I do to help a good hearted girl who always blames others for everything that goes wrong with her life?

  • Answered: How do you explain the phrase ” everything good always goes away and betrayal is inevitable in any relationship”?  
  • I believe this statement is pointing out the sad but natural realities that life holds. Always enjoy what you currently are able to have. Everything good will change in some form or another. Nothing remains the same. When you have relationships with people, the relationship may remain but you will experience many “little betrayals” along the way. Life never just flows in a everything is roses pattern. You will have arguments and disappointments. You will feel undervalued and misunderstood. These obstacles can sometimes be overcome, yet you will always feel these “little betrayals as fine cracks in delicate porcelain. Sometimes, you will have a huge betrayal if unlucky. Yet, relationships still gift you with intense emotion and connection with another. This makes the pain more unbearable but also paradoxically very special and rewarding. This is that it is better to have loved and lost saying ,then to have never loved at all. The end of any relationship through growing apart or fighting or death is painful as anything can ever be. Losses can be big or small. Yet, loss is always present in our lives. Yet, we love.
  • Sometimes it may be best to tell yourself that helping the way she thinks means showing her the meaning of the good intentions isn’t equal to her results.

My sister once told me when I was curled up and crying to her, depressed and felt most sorry for myself and sort of expected her to as well, she waited and it seemed a long time, she said “how long do you expect that to work” and gently set down my head and walked out the room and shut the door.

It made me thin differently and thats hard to master. Artistic and personal and well its a craft known by few..

Make sure she is wanting to be better because that’s the deal breaker. Excuses are not like those who simply cannot get right. Maybe they are doing the best they can. Be willing to accept her truer self as well.

What should I do to help a good hearted girl who always blames others for everything that goes wrong with her life?

  • She likely has no idea how to question her beliefs, she probably thinks her feelings are facts, she is reacting to long-held victim thinking.

She just needs to learn how to question disempowering thoughts.

The beautiful thing about “The Work” is that it invites us to consider whether what believe about ourselves, the world, and others is actually true. And when we do believe it’s true we are further invited to ask how we know it’s true. The Work then invites us to examine whether anything else could be true besides what we have chosen to believe.

It’s simple, but highly effective for transforming a victim paradigm.

  • It is hard to explain this as any more than a possibility, not a certainty. Everything good doesn’t always go away, and if it does go away it isn’t always viewed as a negative. I have left many of my good and loved friends, and they still are loved… and missed. I have been betrayed in relationships, but it is not always inevitable. These are choices people make in their lives, to see the positive or the negative. Whoever came up with this quote has issues that need to be addressed. Better if they pay more attention to being happy always, than expecting the worst. When you expect, you are probably the reason it happens. Better to expect the best.
  • that is because with every relationship there comes a tainted love. Do you know how ? Because when you restrict love and limit it to one partner, it then becomes selfish. It then grows an ego to leech and feed and pet itself. The pure love and light that comes within all of us turns jealous , possessive , and selfish in respect to love for that other one person. And you know the rest of the story 
  • Humans who choose a negative attitude and viewpoint refuse to believe that things can go right; and in this generous universe they get the negativity they focus upon.

There is no real Truth in this statement; but given the focus of those who wrote it; this will be Truth both for them and those who also espouse it!

Don’t Follow Fools !

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