Why do some people think that life is unfair, while others think that life exists?

  • We humans have dramatically different upbringings and societal norms; we are very different and yet do have a large number of similarities!

Your question suggests that you have not pondered much on just how different humans are; one from other.

In larger families and tighter communities, we do get to deal more with differences than when we are so self-focused that we only see what we want to see. Life is quite likely to disabuse us all about things being like we wish they were, or dream they should be.

We re also taught to judge just about everything; life should have us quit doing that because no judgements are ever based upon enough understanding to have them become fair judgements. The Karma for making unfair judgments is brutal; and why most societies suggest that we do not judge! Not everyone gets that message; so there is a lot of unnecessary pain going around.

Life IS and we can choose how we ‘see’ it; seeing it as unfair leads us into having the universe send us more unfair things, in ever-increasing amounts.

What you focus upon is what comes your way; think that through and choose only positive ways of perceiving the world we live in!

Say life is unfair and it will get ever more unfair; and the reason is your choice to focus upon unfair when ‘things’ are just are what they are!

Those humans who focus upon negativity are easy to control and the powerful and very Rich have a need to control others so they can ‘feel’ safer.

If you think that through, you won’t want such to control your life!

Why do some people think that life is unfair, while others think that life exists?

  • One is more likely to see the advantages of others, and to think of billionaires and politicians, or simply to fixate on the fact that their friend has a girlfriend and they don’t. Or why does someone have money, while they don’t have money, and so on. Why is everything going wrong and you’re losing your health, while your friends are smiling, cheerful, and bragging about all the wonderful relationships they’ve found.

Everyone experiences situations that are unfair from their perspective. Everyone experiences loss and misfortune, while someone else seems to be gaining something.

There are some situations in which it makes more sense to feel something is “unfair” than in other situations.

But the problem is when one carries the theme of “unfair” over into the whole of life, and tries to teach everyone that “unfair” is a fixed quality inherent in the nature of life. One begins to interpret all situations as “unfair”, when in fact there is nothing unfair about situation A being different than situation B.

One can be so caught up in “unfair” … that they fail to realize that they CAN have what someone else has. And that “unfair” doesn’t even have to be the underlying theme, and in fact isn’t the best way to make sense of the situation. But they’ve spent their entire lives making everything out to be unfair, while failing to acknowledge that their course of action is a particular course of action because their situation is only a different situation than the next person’s.

In many situations, all you know is that your friend moved to another state and has a house and a girlfriend while you don’t … And yet you conclude that this is “unfair”.

What does this have to do with anything being UNFAIR? … You’re taught to read “unfairness” into everything, when in fact there are only certain situations in which it even makes sense to hold up “UNFAIR” as the underlying feature which characterizes the nature of the situation.

What if you also can move to another state and have a girlfriend, or for that matter find a girlfriend in the state that you’re already in? … Are you going to use “UNFAIR” as an excuse to avoid putting the effort into living the life you want to live, because you are sanctioned off to not have what others have? And what if there’s no such thing as UNFAIR in this situation … but you’re only confronted with the simple fact that you need to put effort into changing your life?

There are certain situations that can be characterized as UNFAIR … but the rest of life is literally acknowledging that your course of action toward your goal, is influenced by your situation, which may or may not be similar to the next person’s situation. It is not UNFAIR that someone has a house, and you have an apartment. It is not UNFAIR that someone has a girlfriend, and you don’t. But you can easily weave that into a story about how life is unfair, while failing to improve your life and working within your particular situation which is not the next person’s situation.

Thinking ANYTHING is possible can lead to paralysis, just as much as believing NOTHING is possible can lead to paralysis … But one doesn’t know what one can or cannot have beforehand, and so one should refrain from jumping ahead and characterizing existence.

I see the misconception floating around, that those who do NOT see life as unfair, somehow see life as “fair” and perhaps haven’t suffered or lost as much.

But it’s the exact opposite … Those who’ve suffered most profoundly, and endured the greatest losses, are actually the ones who are pushing for the view that life is NOT unfair but simply “IS”. Whereas those with more superficial views tend to go with the standard “life is unfair” view of the world.

  • Well, it’s a very simplistic way to look at the world to think it “fair” or “unfair.” The world is complicated and cannot be totally predicted by the human mind or many minds. When you get hit by a truck, it seems unfair, but the truck doesn’t care, and your damaged body remains damaged. It’s a single event in time.

We are in a world. We are pumped with “life is unfair” in a personal manner. This is because we live on a Factory Farm where they promise Heaven and the world, yet have to manage us. Creed “My Own Prison.” They watch everything and destroy you if they don’t like a move you’re making. “Secret destroyers hold you up to the flames.” You can’t hear that, so I’ll just say, “Brave New World.

  • Well it depends on everyone’s perspective how they see life .And answering your question that some people think life is unfair and some don’t this phase comes in life of everyone those who think life is unfair are ungrateful for what they have and what they are today. People in hurdles of life and race are oblivion of the things that they have yet in search of which they don’t.

Those who think life exist and is fair are grateful for everything. Cause you have things that others don’t and looking at that you wont be feeling unfair .

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