What are our basic obligations in relation to being honest and truthful in any situations?

  • One view is, there is no obligation at all.

Any obligation could be countering the honesty being followed in relationship in my view.

Yes there are fundamental rules which we have to graduate with time is important and also a check point in self.

When I use the word of fundamental it has to me my need to be honest without selfish desire of even seeking same from the other person involved.

Honesty is the virtue which works when aligning of mind and heart is established so works on feeling and belief that has to show its result many times.

This means having consistency in the view to ensure there is self-willingness for a larger cause.

Earnest willingness to be honest with the above said condition could help in generating inner vibrations which work as soothing the environment so works gradually.

We can’t have nature to be selective in honesty with some and if it is so our definition could be wrong.

In case we are sincere in our aim thus we end up modifying our conditioned mind so the outlook in relationship.

However the effect with modified perception would work differently with people and their nature.

We have external relationship in different places who have different perception and different need mutually making it complex.

Our changed perception for being honest would not switch with a person in front but develop a mechanism to work seamlessly accordingly with the situation.

Once we have initiated the process we try to open with others or provide other space to speak their mind.

This transaction is the first step that works between the two where the initiator could have reduced variables in his mind as his basic criteria has alert mind speaks with other as much needed to avoid any miscommunication per chance.

He knows to whom he has to experiment and move one step ahead enjoying the positivism in mental sphere so is giving other the similar feeling which works as attraction, reason unknown right now.

The nature when aligns with the necessary need improves the intelligence by default so improves the art of discrimination knowing the amount of exposure he should expose of his inner self in form of trust build.

It is time when he would develop trust with some which can be said unbroken bond mutually and when is by honesty and truth physical closeness doesn’t matter.

It could even work intuitively between them.

He strengthens the trust in self and remains clean and transparent and is able to transact with others with the amount of shade of color of honesty they want and have developed.

The source or person himself knows to speak with anyone to speak his mind even communicate another’s deficiency but in words that won’t be disliked and be open for other to understand and make correction sooner or later of minimize the contact.

Obligation thus is only sincerity for continuity of the trait in self which with time would be able to connect with need in specific situation and till the time one is aware he has to keep learning the process.

What are our basic obligations in relation to being honest and truthful in any situations?

  • We live in a universe of Pure Information, not one dominated by Energy and the special for of Energy we misname as matter.

This universe does not positively support anti-life things like dishonesty but does support, and has the backs of, those who choose pro-life thing like Love and honesty!

If you think that you can take on a universe which is against dishonesty, and win, then you deserve to lose; Big Time.

Honesty and Truthfulness are pro-life ways and the universe has the backs of those who practice such things.

Choose to take on the universe; or have it on your side!
But don’t whine if you choose badly!

  • It speaks to the social dilemma we find ourselves in when managing truth and honesty in everyday relationships.

We should always aspire to speak honestly and with the truth in mind, however, we are reluctant nowadays because of the snowflake generation we have cultivated. On one hand, speaking candidly about real and pressing issues is important for human progress. Yet when we do so, we come off as offensive to snowflakes and are accused of microaggressions.

You’re better off developing a keen sense of who you should surround yourself with in life, and perhaps more importantly, who you should not. Truth seekers and individuals who are mature and emotionally stable enough to handle the hard realities of life are virtuous people and worthy of your company. It’s the post-modernists who can’t be trusted. The intersection lists who tow the destructive ideology that downtrodden folks are victims of suppression. Steer clear of these people and denounce them whenever you can!

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